04 Feb 2019

Legal Support Services in San Diego

Legal Support Services in San Diego

The Active Legal is a leading Attorney Services provider in Southern California with extensive expertise in the Industry. Having over two decades of experience in the business, we provide a superior legal support service to all our clients. Our continued commitment to provide superior legal support has helped to support thousands of simple and complex cases to completion and is a testimonial of our outstanding success in the legal service field.

You can count on us for legal support services in the following areas;

Court Research Services: We provide court research services on a case by case basis. Our legal support staff will conduct online searches and/or retrievals, act as case monitors (follow all filings, orders, memoranda/opinions and decisions within a case), and in the event you need information for a closed case, we will conduct archive retrieval for all courts nationwide and the Federal Records Center.

Court Services: We offer attorney court services which includes court fillings, pick-ups and general administrative representation on a retainer. Our expert representative will cross-check all pick-ups and documents related to assignments to ensure that all is well with the package, conduct routine checks, looking out for possible problems such as missing signature etc. Our in-house supervisor will also double check for any possible defects that can cause delays in your assignment.

Non Retainer Court Fillings: The Active Legal support services team continues to provide excellent court filing service among other attorney services and support to our growing list of clients. The Active Legal has the experience and knowledge to expedite even the most complex and demanding requests. We provide an experienced, dependable and cost effective service to the San Diego area and across the country.

Fax Fillings: Fax fillings is at the heart of what we do. We offer fast and accountable service customized to each client’s specific needs.

Out of County Fillings: Our services is nationwide. Although we operate from San Diego County, we are able to offer court filing, e-filing, process serving, document retrieval, and skip tracing or notary services for clients outside San Diego.

Courier Services: We offer a fast, accountable and customized miscellaneous deliveries/messenger s service for clients within and outside San Diego. Our service is efficient and reliable with our messenger service personnel always on call, ready to come to your aid any time you need them.

Service of Process: The Service of process is nothing more than a competent professional that will be responsible to deliver legal documents to the respondent in a divorce or any other legal case. In many states like in California for example, the person applying for the divorce or the petitioner, cannot deliver the documents by himself.

Although by law any person older than 18 years who is not involved in the action can deliver the documents, but some states require court approval if the person is not a process server.

All these formalities, are validated by affidavit of service or proof of service, which must be notarized and delivered to the person or company that required the submission of documents.

The work of the Service of process is very important because it ensures respect for due process in the United States, but also, if the service is performed incorrectly, the case cannot continue and will have to start again. The use of a processes server may avoid mistakes of inexperienced persons.

Our local, process servers are always on call, and are ready to come to your aid any time you need them.

Investigation: We offer Private Investigator services to our clients who need it. We have licenced investigators with over 20 years of experience, armed with the right tools in finding people who are hard to find and many not wanting to be found.

Small Claims: We make small claims easy. The Active Legal small claims court services will help you prepare the forms, fight the lines at court, file your case, serve your papers and file your Proof of Service!

At Active Legal Attorney Services, we pride ourselves in keeping a professional relationship with our clients, as we always strife to make their lives better by providing them with expedient and reliable services.

Our firm promise is to provide efficient services on every job we undertake.