Small Claims

Small Claims Court Made Easy!
As small business owners ourselves, we understand that your time is best spent in your office doing what you do best. Let Active Legal Services be your Small Claims “department”. We will prepare the forms, fight the lines at court, file your case, serve your papers and file your Proof of Service!

All you do is show up to court!

For the very reasonable fee of $350.00 (for San Diego County) plus filing fees, you cannot afford to leave your office.
Don’t forget that our cost will be added to your judgment should you win your case. Please email us for more information and forms.


County Package Price Each Addt’l Defendant
(includes filing fee)
San Diego $350 $50
San Bernardino Call for pricing Call for pricing
Ventura Call for pricing Call for pricing
Riverside Call for pricing Call for pricing
Los Angeles Call for pricing Call for pricing

What are Small Claims Courts?

Small claims courts handle disputes involving small amounts of money, usually between individuals, or an individual against a business.  The amount of money that can be sought in small claims courts depends on the jurisdiction, but the typical range is $1,000 to $5,000.  Typical cases heard in small claims courts include tenant-landlord disputes, minor non-moving auto accidents, and merchandise refunds.

What is the Process in Small Claims Courts?
The process in small claims courts is typically very informal, and is characterized by the following:

You are responsible for filing within the correct jurisdiction and paying the filing fee
The trial is decided by a judge, not a jury
You are responsible for bringing in your own evidence and witnesses
You are also responsible for stating your case
You or your opponent can appeal an adverse judgment
You may need to take further action to collect your judgment

Any corporation, business, or individual can process, file, and serve a small claims court action in San Diego County through us. The Active Legal will prepare your Plaintiff’s Claim form for your signature, file the action with the appropriate court, advance the appropriate filing fee, serve the defendant with the plaintiff’s claim, and file proof of service.


After you submit your Small Claims information, we prepare your claim. Should we need additional information, our office will email or call you.

After the form is complete, we will fax you a copy for your approval.

Important Disclaimer: All prices are subject to change without prior notice.